Kevin Irish ( “at $199, the Lightning Search Extension is a steal!”

After noticing trouble with their conversion rate metrics, our client – attempted to find out the reasons behind it and then realized that most of the customers left its store simply because they were not patient enough for the standard Magento search process which is slow and does not provide optimum results. In order to avoid revenue loss, needed a thorough e-commerce solution.

Prior to Lightning Search extension, we designed Import / Export, JavaScript force refresh / no-cache, ‘Video XML Sitemap, ‘Shelving walk through’ and other custom developments for Storables. More importantly, we have never stopped trying to fulfill their requirements during our three-year cooperation.

To meet their business needs, WiseRobot’s programmers worked on building out our Lightning Search module for them based on the Zend Lucene indexed search to supercharge their Magento platform. The Lucene Search technology makes the searching process shorter and stronger since many indexes are automatically created and collected in the Lucene library where the entire search process takes place. Therefore, a rich result page, in less than no time, will be returned even if typing incorrectly. Customers will find everything easier, faster, more precise and convert their searches into orders.

Here is the interview with Kevin Irish – e-Commerce Manager of

Q: Can you say a few words about Storables and how you became involved with Magento as the web store?

A: Storables operates 05 B&M locations on the West Coast, and an e-Commerce branch to serve the rest of the United States. I am the e-Commerce Manager for, responsible for all web content and marketing. Storables had recently migrated to a Magento store prior to me entering this role, with the thoughts and hopes of utilizing its flexibility and scalability to offer a unique shopping experience.

Lightning search extension by wiserobot

Q: Why did you decide it was necessary to upgrade your search function?

A: We were using another third party search function that was not returning the results our shoppers were expecting, and we losing conversion because of it. We attempted to adjust this module, but many key functions were still not customizable as we needed.

Q: What were your expectations in this upgrade, simply a quick search or did you expect other benefits?

A: We wanted accurate results. If someone searched “garment rack”, the results should be 100% of our products which hold clothing. Another issue we have is that our products server many different functions, so it might be logical for someone to search “pet food” if they are looking for a container to store their pet food, but the exact container can be used to store bulk foods such as rice or beans.

Q: What do you think about Lightning Search extension‘s performance after six months installed? Which dynamics do you think are particularly good and Why?

A: The WiseRobot Search module allowed us to fill all our search needs. It was not perfect right away, but that is to be expected. But the WiseRobot staff worked with us, adjusting attributes, attribute search weighting, and customized the module to fix our exact needs. The “search term” feature is particularly useful for us, as it allows us to funnel the user to what we think they are looking for. We use this feature to direct searchers to category pages, based on a wide range of search terms. For example: DVD bin, DVD basket, DVD holder, DVD storage, DVD container, DVD movie, blue-ray movie, etc… all direct users to our media storage page, no matter what synonym they search.

Q: How is your conversion rate affected now with the addition of our module?

A: Once we fine-tuned the search results, we have seen a significantly noticeable increase to our conversion rate. We have also received far less phone calls from shoppers who see a product in-store, but are unable to find the same product online.

Q: Some web store owners worry about installing extensions like this, that it would take them a long time and specialist IT knowledge required for example. How was your experience with this addition?

A: We too are worried about such IT issues. The helpful staff made the back-end process a breeze.

Q: What about the cost for this supercharged process? Do you think it is a reasonable price? ($199 we are thinking currently)

A: At $199, this module is a steal. I know for certain we make this cost up on a daily basis, simply because shoppers are able to find the products we offer. Before, the shopper had to work hard to browse our product offering.

Q: Would you like to share any hot tips for using this module effectively?

A: Test lots of searches. It will take some time balancing the attribute weight, but once you do, the results on your conversion rate will be well worth it. And again, we practically like the search term redirect. It allows you to steer browsers exactly where you want them to go…even if they do not know themselves.

Q: This is not the first time you have worked with WiseRobot. Can you tell us a bit about your previous experience with WiseRobot?

A: Storables has worked with WiseRobot for over three years. We are able to turn any idea into reality, simply by outlining what we need in simple English. They take care of everything else. They break down large projects into smaller tasks, and are very transparent on their progress. If something is not perfect, it can be addressed early on, and corrected quickly. To date, there has not been a task where we do not feel satisfied with the final outcome.

Q: Thank you Kevin. We look forward to working with you in the future!

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