[Infographic] The panorama of global e-commerce business

In the current age of technological development, the Internet has truly become an indispensable element in daily life of the majority of people around the world. According to the United Nation Broadband Commission report, there are more than 40% of the world’s population already using or having used the Internet and the number is expected to rise over 50% in 2017. Along with this development, the online shopping trend is growing too. Cimigo’s research releases that 90% internet users would be online shoppers in the near future. The figure in this study is a good sign forecasting a bright future of the global e-commerce business trend.

So WiseRobot have released this new e-commerce infographic including information about developmental history, main features, and classification of, as well as showcasing a range of statistics about the modern e-commerce world as it stands.

ecommerce infographic

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