[Infographic] UK Online Shopping Portrait

Online Shopping in the UK is continuously on the rise and has no signs of stopping. Known as the current largest online retail market in Europe, in 2014 the UK gained  £44,97 billion  from online sales,  increasing by 15,8% on 2013 and expected to grow by 16,2% in 2015 and reach £52,25 billion. (source: Center for Retail Research)

E-commerce in the UK is increasingly attracting more customers because of its practical benefits like saving time and money, large shopping networks with multiple choices, fast and easy purchasing, etc. Additionally, the improvement in security for online payments, transparent policies, good customer care as well as fast and free shipping services also contribute to enhance the satisfaction of the British online shopper. That has encouraged them to buy more online and also recommend to their friends and colleagues to do the same.

Another reason for this relentless growth is the increasing popularity of mobile devices, including both mobile phones and tablets. The year 2013 is considered as a milestone of  m-commerce and is known as the year of mobile devices in the UK. In 2014, overall sales via mobile devices was £8.41 billion and this figure is predicted to grow up 30% and equivalent sales gained £14.95 billion in 2015. The main reason for the British to engage in more online shopping by mobile devices is convent support from online shopping applications. Clothing, accessories, music, and mobile apps are among the main items being purchased  via mobile devices.

Check out the UK online shopping infographic below to find out more its key numbers and trends.

 UK Online Shopping Portrait.

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