[Infographic] Magento overview – The best CMS for e-Commerce business

Choosing a suitable Content Management System (CMS) is the key to open the door of success in the e-Commerce world. In spite of the appearance of great number of CMSs on the marketplace at the present time, but Magento, with an open source foundation plus strong and rich features, has been keeping its position on the top.

In order to meet growing demand of e-Commerce clients, Magento has launched three Editions with a lot of highlights and great features including Enterprise, Magento Go and Community. Each merchant can choose the most optimal edition which suits his business size, budget and orientation best.

Enterprise is a perfect edition for medium-large sized businesses, providing a full set (or suite) of tools and features to build and set up an amazing e-Commerce website in a short time. Meanwhile, Megento Go is generated solely for small businesses. It is a smart edition with many advantages such as: flexibility, ease of use and reasonable cost, etc,. You also can design your store by yourself without technical expertise. But this edition is no longer available on the market any more because it was shut down on February 1st, 2015 for some reasons. The last but certainly not least is the Community Edition. This is the most widely used edition and available as free downloads. This edition is fully open source but not supported by the Magento team. That means you need specialist knowledge or assistance from an agency like WiseRobot to ensure successful implementation of your store. Magento Community Edition can be upgraded and extended with more than 5,000 extensions, including our own. That might be the reason why many tech savvy as well as merchants favor this edition.

Check out the Magento overview infographic below, created by WiseRobot, for more information about this CMS.

Magento overview infographic

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