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Extra services for online stores

Have you ever thought that customers need more motivation to make a quick buying decision instead of moving from this product to that product and leaving without making an order?

There is no doubt that most buyers especially love free services and many will solely buy items with free services attached. That’s why extra services are becoming an indispensable part in the aggressive business world. Many giant companies provide several kinds of free services to inspire their customers to purchase more as well as retain loyal buyers and attract new ones. Here are some free services that guarantee better conversion rates which you can apply to your store.

Free Shipping: Is undoubtedly one of the best ways to attract customer’s orders and is normally available only for domestic shipping. Just the appearance of the phrase “free shipping” on a web store seems to be a marketing punch towards competitors who cannot provide this and is a great way to compete in avenues such as CPC advertising.

extra services - free shipping

Executing this service clearly depends on your financial capability because the cost of shipping will affect your margin. Therefore, you need to take into account the effect this may have on your business and your bottom line. Moreover, you ought to set a minimum purchase value for free shipping which still makes it affordable to both you and your customers which is a juggling act, you may even wish to provide free shipping just for certain SKU’s to remain competitive or for certain brands or other criteria whilst not for other product lines. Having a threshold will also encourage your customers to add more items into their shopping cart in return for the free shipping and help you to earn more profit to offset against the cost of transportation.

Free Gift Wrap: Wrapping meaningful gifts in order to show your present love and caring to your beloved is essential for some purchases. As a store owner, besides providing multiple products to diversify customers’ choices, you should provide a free gift wrapping service if people tend to buy items as gifts and then send to another address directly, also a message should be able to be added to the gift purchase in order to make it personalized.

extra services - free gift wrap

The cost to a business for this extra service is not considerable and does not require a high degree of skill to achieve. This service can please your customers by meeting their needs without asking them to pay more money. Hence, you will increase your sales margin and acquire new purchasers. The smallest details can make the biggest difference.

Private discount: Private discount means promotions for specific customers or groups of customers. If you want to attract new buyers, the promotion might be 20% off for the first purchase. If you would like to present a thank gift for your loyal customers, why not send them a promotional email with an attached discount code for the next order for example? And if your customers just purchase only one time and have not returned to your site since, a discount program also may be useful to pull them back.

You can apply a suitable discount level to each group of people. Regarding a program for loyal customers, we suggest you should give them something more special than normal customers.

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