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How To Gather Customer Feedback

Your products are high quality and reasonably priced, but if it is not what people want, then these advantages will become meaningless. In order  to become a successful retailer  being a good listener is a must. You need to open your ears to know what your customers really want and get  deeper insight about what you are offering. Here are three primary ways with which you can gather customer feedback for your e-commerce businesses.

Include a  Product Review Section

It would be a huge loss if a Magento online store was not equipped with a product review section because it’s regarded as one of the most vital parts of an e-commerce product page. This is a direct way to know what other people think about your products and it provides objective comments from existing customers who have already experienced your products and can point out their strengths as well as weaknesses. This also means that you as the store owner can get a clearer picture of what’s going on and what (if anything) needs to be improved. In addition to being a  feedback channel, product reviews are also an efficient method to help manage customer care as well as building customer confidence and ultimately managing their expectations.

Creating a product review section is relatively effortless, but effectively controlling one is a very different ball game. One of the risk factors you might experience is spam comments which could potentially mess up everything in your page. So stopping spam at all costs is essential.

Execute an Online Survey

If your  customers are unwilling to tell you what they are thinking, ask them: “What is your dream product” or “How do you think about our new look” etc. Running an online survey campaign is a good step toward getting customer feedback. A survey can be both long or short, this is up to you and what you expect your customers will appreciate.  

How to gather customer feedback - WiseRobot

Short survey: The number of questions should be a few  only and be displayed on the relevant content page. If there is a general question like “how did you find our website”, then placing it on the checkout page is reasonable. Short surveys usually have better response rates than long surveys because they don’t take too much time to complete.

Long survey: Typically, most of your customers won’t be happy to answer the questionnaire because it’s too long. This leads to a low response rates so a special discount code attached might be an incentive  to encourage them to fill out the survey.

Listen to Social Networks

There is no denying that since  social networks appeared our daily habits have changed.  Social networks had more than 1,8 billion users all over the world by 2014, among those Facebook takes 56% and is the biggest. These huge numbers have shown that the social networks today have already become indispensable for both normal users and online marketers.

Social Networks have contributed much in branding, positioning, advertising, and especially connecting business and their customers. Don’t let these helpful tools slip through your grasp if you want winning insights into your buyer community. All compliments, complaints or any queries can be directly asked and answered in a simple post right away.  You also can do live chat with your current and prospective customers via social media, at the same time using their embedded messaging features.

In order to establishing a survey application for a Magento website or building up a professional review section with anti-spam function, don’t hesitate to contact us!