We Are WiseRobot

  • WiseRobot are Magento experts and is a full service agency specializing in developing complex enterprise ready web applications and E-Commerce solutions for both large and small businesses. Magento, Zend Framework, Wordpress, Yii and PhoneGap are our current tools of choice. We also develop using the latest methodologies, including Agile Development and Rapid Prototyping, to ensure the fastest time to market possible.

  • We go out on a limb to understand our customers needs and understand your need to get the utmost out of your ecommerce environment be it a simple startup business with limited SKUs or a complex enterprise level web store with multiple third party connections to ERP’s and Marketplaces and millions of SKU’s we have the experience to deliver the expertise that you need to thrive.

  • Amongst our main strength’s is our extremely talented, skilled and professional team. All our staff are university graduates with relevant degrees in IT, Marketing, Design, Finance and Business and are young, talented and enthusiastic. We believe that besides intelligence and talent; building new skills and having the desire to learn new things, devotion, teamwork and enthusiasm all play a crucial part in the success of our business. Our staff are all college graduates young and enthusiastic. As well as regular staff training we include team building which takes place every three months to enrich our knowledge from both local and Foreign sources while connecting staff and building team spirit to improve our overall productivity.

  • Whichever tools we use to develop your online business you can rest assured that these are solid, dependable, market leading and enterprise ready systems which are easy to use and maintain. After we build your website we can also train you and your staff to update content and manage every aspect of your system, saving you costs on the ongoing development of your business. We don’t believe in locking our clients into a system but rather in helping our customers grow, so if you have skills on board in your company that are able to help us achieve your goals faster such as CSR’s, Ecommerce Managers, Designers and Developers we will integrate seamlessly with your team and aid them in offsetting our workload where possible, and vice versa so that we are working in synergy and utilizing skills and expertise wherever appropriate in order to get the job done


Our mission

Is to offer the best offshore services and most cost effective solutions to our customers and to retaining long-term relationships with all of our clients and partners and to help you make great ecommerce websites and web applications that change the world as we know it.

Our vision

Is to be among the top 10 software outsourcing and development companies in South East Asia. Three reasons why you should work with WiseRobot

  • Why You Should Work With Wiserobot

  • Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We are working harder and harder to deliver the best, low-cost but high-quality services to our customers. However, nothing is perfect so we greatly appreciate your feedback that helps us improve our services at the best level we can.

  • The driving force behind our success is always meeting and even exceeding our customers'expectations. This is achieved by validating and verifying each customers needs in order to generate the desired results via an established process for effective Quality Assurance throughout each project lifecycle.

  • We pride ourselves in producing work that surpasses most Agencies in the Western Hemisphere let alone our local competition, so whilst you get unbeatable offshore prices you also are sure of onshore quality, The world really is a global marketplace now especially in terms of online development.You can rest assured that WiseRobot have the skills and the qualifications to realize your full potential whilst maintaining an affordable cost so why not let us make your sales our business and kickstart a project with us today!


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Let us make your sales our business and
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