Troubleshooting and Testing


  • Making sure your website is fully functional is of utmost importance there are automated tools that help with this but nothing as powerful as real world human checks, so why not try our full website functionality testing

    • Cross browser & Platform Testing

    • Website functionality testing

  • Website Testing Service

    Do you want your website tested every day or week by one of our dedicated testing staff? With both automated and human testing via tailor made checklists designed to ensure that any problems are detected fast you can rest assured that we have got you covered from any issues that may arise from automated or planed updates on both your side of the fence and from the devices people use to visit, browser updates can break things, as can server updates by your ISP, the faster you identify these issues the less likely it is to make a dent in your revenue.

    and example checklist might be:

    1. Does the website load?
    2. Are you able to add products to the cart?
    3. Is the store search fully functional?
    4. Are your contact forms working?
    5. Are all javascripts loading or are there any errors caused by third party code?6. Is the checkout redirecting to the payment services properly?
    6. Is the checkout redirecting to the payment services properly?

    Contact us now for more information on how to setup a daily weekly or monthly checklist, it may only take 15mins to complete by one of our staff daily but it might save you a great deal in lost sales.

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