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WiseRobot's ChannelAdvisor module helps you connect your Magento store to the marketplaces through this increasingly popular service, our module is highly configurable and can support even the most complex business logic between your Magento store, ChannelAdvisor and your shipping solutions or ERP systems...

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Regular Price: $1,599.00

Special Price $999.00



The WiseRobot ChannelAdvisor to Magento Connector module is highly configurable. Retailers can decide if they want to update inventory from Magento to ChannelAdvisor and vice versa (bi- directional). It lets you control exactly which attributes are mapped and not mapped, if stock is to be managed, which orders are to be imported or not as well as let you control how fulfillment is dealt with. In fact all the modules features can be turned off or on and configured according to your needs. It also has support for images, as well as Magento configurable and grouped products types via variations in ChannelAdvisor.
Our license is flexible and our module is 100% open source unlike others that use obfuscation methods like ionCube which not only can slow down your website speed but also prevents you from customization that may be necessary to make the integration suite your exacting needs.

Including 1 year of module updates free, dedicated email support during self setup and ongoing email support with fast response time, subsequent yearly subscription fee for continued updates and ongoing email support is $999


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BEST Product & Support
Wiserobot has been an amazing asset to our business and have been there to support their product above and beyond expectations. We have a very complicated set up due to the way our business processes orders and they have had no problem making the system work to fit our needs. We love wiserobot and would recommend them to anyone as the best possible service for creating this bridge between Channel Advisor and Magento as well as any of the other services they provide.
Review by CourtneyB / (Posted on 2/20/2015)
One of the best investments we've made.
We use both the ChannelAdvisor/Magento connector and Netsuite/Magento connector and get end-to-end price and quantity updates in near realtime. This level of accuracy is awesome when you're selling your inventory across your own webstores and multiple marketplaces.
Review by HG / (Posted on 2/18/2015)
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The module provides real-time connectivity from Magento to ChannelAdvisor and fast updates from ChannelAdvisor to Magento via the ChannelAdvisor API and includes failover detection to ensure the integrity of your data, its features are as follows:

Real Time Inventory Updates.

  • Updates real-time from Magento into ChannelAdvisor on creation, editing and deletion of products, including mapping of image information.
  • Contacts ChannelAdvisor at a user designated interval (default 15 minutes) and checks CA for modified product data. If changes are found these are then imported into Magento.
  • Inventory is mapped from Magento to ChannelAdvisor via an easy to use attribute mapping system inside the Magento admin panel and module configuration.

Real time stock synchronization.

  • When stock is decreased in your Magento store Channel advisor is contacted and stock is automatically decreased, this can of course be switched off if it is not required.
  • Contacts ChannelAdvisor at user designated interval (default 15 minutes) to check for changes in stock level and updates Magento stock accordingly, last known stock levels on both systems are kept in the Module database to enable comparison on update so that if a decrease has occurred on both systems then the correct tally is found and applied to both systems.

Order Management and Fulfillment

  • Orders flow from Magento from ChannelAdvisor and vice versa at a user designated interval (default 10 minutes). 10 minutes is advised by Ebay to be the required notification period of new orders from their marketplace.
  • Orders are prefixed by a combination of CA (ChannelAdvisor) and Marketplace for example AM for amazon – these prefixes can be user defined, the module then identifies the orders based on these prefixes and sends fulfillment details (shipping carrier, type and shipping details) back to the marketplace via ChannelAdvisor when the order is marked as complete or another user designated order status.
  • You can map the shipping and billing methods to match your business needs so order importing and fulfillment updates are very flexible.
  • Magento orders are imported into CA into their own Magento Marketplace.

Multiple store support

  • Connect each store view on Magento to one CA account so you can keep all your CA accounts in synchronization.
  • The store view attribute data will be used to send to the CA account you connect to.

Variation items support

  • Both Configurable products and Grouped products will update as variation items with their child products associated.
  • Create configurable and grouped products from variation items when products are imported to Magento and vice versa when Importing from Magento to ChannelAdvisor by using our simple mapping process.
License License for 1 Magento Installation (including multi store setup)
Stability Stable
Supported Magento Versions to 1.9.x.x (All Versions)
Now with support for magento2 2.2.x to 2.4.x (All versions)
Magento Enterprise Version Contact us regarding support for your Magento Enterprise version.

To install the extension you must follow the steps outlined in INSTALL.txt in the module root files.


Refer to the Channel Advisor to Magento V1 Connector User Manual, Channel Advisor to Magento V2 Connector User Manual to learn about the features and options available to get the most out of this great extension.

Extension Updates

You get free updates for 12 months with your initial order. Upon release of a new version of the module it will be available on the WiseRobot website in your account ,under the “My Downloadable Products” tab.


View FileChannel Advisor to Magento Connector User Manual  
A User Guide will be available soon for this module.